The system we use for roasting is particularly complex and traditional.

We start with certified and selected raw coffee (single origins) and sieve no less than 17.
We roast every single-origin separately, with a rotary drum roaster, respecting the different times, temperature and characteristics for each origin, and we quickly cool with natural air.

During roasting, we have a loss of humidity between 18 and 22%, and an increase in volume, compared to the raw grain, of 50/70%.
After a first aspiration, the toast is decanted into specially prepared cotton bags, palletized, and placed in a specially designed warehouse with controlled temperature and humidity, in almost total darkness, for a period ranging from 18 to 30 days. The rest time varies according to the season and the relative humidity of the air.

This procedure is very important as far as, once roasted, the coffee releases gas (in particular carbon dioxide, but also a small part of carbon monoxide) for about 30 days after roasting, the greatest quantity in the first 15 days.

After this period of maturation, the coffee is stabilized, amalgamated in the aroma, has matured the aromatic essential oils and is in the best conditions to be dispensed to its full potential.